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A working Alpaca Farm where you can experience all we have learned. We invite you to visit and learn fiber harvesting "Field to Barn" and processing for spinners "Barn to Yarn".

Field to Barn

"A Day on an Alpaca Farm" Hands-on Experience

Scheduling April and May dates














Over the last few years ALPACA-Dabra Alpaca Farm has developed a shearing technique that pre-sorts the fiber and utilizes volunteers for the various tasks involved in the shearing process. This year we will be shearing April and May dates.  We generally shear 4-6alpacas a day.

Volunteers earn a share of the fiber harvest of beautiful alpaca fiber by their participation and willingness to learn. If you are willing to bag fiber, weigh it, or handle it, you could be a big help to us and get free fiber in exchange. For the more adventurous and physically able, we will will be happy to teach you alpaca handling and shearing assistance. Some tasks are standing, some are sitting and some are petting alpacas.

See the process for yourself.

Alpaca-Dabra is an alpaca farm in southern Surry County in North Carolina owned by John and Vivian Thompson (both in their 60's) who have been breeding for improved fiber for eight years. We have 40 alpacas. John has learned how to shear the alpacas with care and respect. Vivian is an avid knitter, felter and fiber aficionado.

Register NOW: Call 336-429-0124 orvthompson003@triad 


Got just a few Alpacas?

 Make an appointment to bring them by and we can

harvest their fleece for a fee. 


Got Fleece? Want Yarn? For Free?




  • How to get free yarn from your fleece using social media

  • Hands-on pre-processing instruction on your fleeces including skirting

  • What yarn sizes mean, number of plies, what the difference is

  • Evaluation of your fleeces for grade and quality

  • How to post your fiber for maximum yarn yield

  • The best yarn choice for each of your fleeces

  • How much vegetable matter is too much

  • How to add value to your fleece

$150 per farm $50 deposit upon registration (non-refundable) Max. 4 per workshop

Workshop runs from 10 am to 5 pm, includes lunch. Hands-on workshop on your actual fleeces.

Bring 3 - 5 bags of blanket fleece from your farm, the good, the bad and the ugly. We'll teach you how to get your fleeces posted on Facebook within the rules of the various spin trade groups from bag to skirting, photos, posting, & uploading.

Come join Vivian Akers-Thompson and Mikki Carswell for a productive day on the farm.

Register NOW: Call 336-429-0124 or vthompson003@triad 


Got fleece?
Want to get it ready to spin?
Ask about skirting, washing, and carding service.
Call 336 429-0124 or

We have 40 happy healthy alpacas
 that graze our fields
and grow fabulous fiber for us.
 They include some of the great bloodlines you would recognise
and make cria every year.  
We are breeding for great fiber.  
If you are interested in visiting the farm with an eye toward starting
or adding to your herd E-mail us at vthompson003@triad or call 336-429-0124.